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    Compact and modular design: 2 RU, 19” rack mounting, 12” depth. I/O Slots: 2 slots for service cards, 2 slots for switch and control cards, 1 slot for redundant power input. Switch and control card with uplink ports: 60 Gbps switch card with integrated 2 port 10GbE and 2 port 1GbE WAN uplinks. Service cards: 8 or 16 port GPON, 4 port XG-PON1, 48 port VDSL2+POTS Combo. All service cards are interchangeable with other MA5600 Series OLTs. Large capacity in Small Size – • 200 Gbps backplane • 20 Gbps/slot capacity • 120 Gbps load sharing switching capacity • 2x10 Gbps uplink capacity Advanced Layer 2 Functions – • QoS with traffic classification and L2 forwarding policy • Standard VLAN, QinQ VLAN, VLAN stacking • Flexible QinQ VLAN tagging • DHCP Option 82 in L2 mode • MEF-9 & MEF-14 certification L3 Functions for maximum deployment flexibility – • ARP, ARP proxy • DHCP relay, DHCP proxy • Static routing • Dynamic routing: RIP, OSPF, ECMP • Multicast: IGMP v2/v3, IGMP proxy, IGMP snooping High Reliability – • WAN uplink redundancy: BFD, MSTP, LACP, RSTP, RRPP Fiber redundancy with 50ms switchover • Carrier Class Availability: Dual switch and control card, dual power input, PON port redundancy 

The MA5608T Mini OLT is designed to address Fiber to the premise (FTTP) or deep fiber deployment scenarios where a large OLT chassis may not be the best fit for a variety of reasons. Huawei’s mini OLT MA5608T is designed to be the perfect complement to the other MA5600 series larger OLTs and offers the same carrier grade features and performance. MA5608T’s compact and front access design make it an ideal solution for deployments in locations such as space-constrained huts, outdoor cabinets or building basements. It has AC and DC powering options, extended temperature range, and offers easy installation. Designed to support ever-increasing bandwidth demand, MA5608T has 200 Gbps backplane. The combination of the high-capacity and line interfaces with best-in-class performance allows the operators to deliver a range of services for maximum revenue at highly competitive cost points. The MA5608T shares the same product architecture with the MA5600 series OLTs to allow seamless network growth. It features: • Shared services cards including GPON, XG-PON1 and VDSL2+POTS Combo. Any card, any slot in any combination. • Dual switching and control cards for redundancy and loadsharing with GE and 10GE uplinks. • Same software features and functions as other MA5600 series OLTs and interoperability with a large suite of ONTs, DSL CPEs, and Softswitches for voice service

• 16 ports per card or 8 ports per card • Robust Compliance to G.984 Series standards with 2.5/1.2 Gbps downstream and 1.2Gbps line speed performance • Support for B+ or C+ optical modules (SFPs) with max 40km differential distance • Up to 1:128 split ratio per GPON port • Optical Power Monitoring, Real Time Rogue ONT detection/isolation• 4 ports per card • Fully compatible with GPON - compliance G.987 Series standards with 10/2.5 Gbps line speed performance • Supports XFP optical modules • 48 VDSL2 and POTS integrated ports with up to 17a profile • Two-pair bonding for maximum speed • G.INP (G.998.4) support for re-transmission at the physical layer • Built-in support for SELT, DELT, and MELT • POTS line Loop-Start Operation • Ringing Mode – Balanced ringing with -15VDC offset on “Ring” • Multiple CODECs – G.711 (µ-Law and A-Law), G.729, G.723, G.726


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