TBS Fiber Optical Power Meter



    TBS Fiber Optic Cable Tester Portable Optical Power Meter with Laser

    supporting SC/FC/ST interface

    support automatic shutdown

Hand-held optical power meter, red-light inte-grated machine series products are mainly used for continuous optical signal power measurement, optical fiber link loss testing and optical fiber line on-off testing. It is controlled by a single chip micropro-cessor with complete functions. Widely used in optical cable construction and maintennance, optical fiber communication, optical cable sensing, optical CATV and other field. The fuselage design meets the requirements of human boday function and adopts advanced thermoplastic moulding technology, which is beautiful and durable. The red-light integrator of optical power can be well protected by using embedded detectors and lasers.

The machine has compact shape, automatic shutdown function, three red light modes, backlight display, wavelength memory function, optical fiber work frequency identification, support user calibration, wide test range, support lighting.

Product characteristics:

support lighting

support automatic shutdown

support backlight switch

support wavelength memory

support user calibration

supporting simultaneous display of linear mW and non-linear index dBm

supporting SC/FC/ST interface

supporting external power supply such as charging treasure, computer. etc.

supporting simultaneous linear (mW) and non-linear (dBm) display

supporting RJ45 testing

Calibration Wavelength: 800~1700nm

Optical Connector: FC/SC/ST universal interface

Detector Type: In GaAs

Measurement Range: -70 ~ 6dBm

Accuracy: ±0.05dB

Standard wavelength: 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625,1650nm

Display resolution:mW:0.1% ,dBm:0.01dBm

VFL:1mW 650nm light source

Working temperature:-10~+60℃

Storage temperature :-30~+70℃

Auto off time:10Min

Battery continuous operating time:≥72h

Dimension(mm): 11.2×6.6x3cm

Weight: 140


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